The most asked question I have received lately is; Are there any Afrikaans primary schools in Ballito? I have always had to respond ‘no’.

The latest North Coast Courier (one of our local newspapers) recently,had a very interesting section on all the different schools in the area and one of the new, soon to be built, schools advertising was Curro Private School. The new primary school that is going to be opening in January 2014 will be a dual medium school, teaching English and Afrikaans. The school will cater for Gr R to Gr 8.

So now, I am sure to many parents relief, I can say ‘yes’ there is an Afrikaans school in the area. There is also going to be a new nursery school called Rosen Castle which will cater for children from 3 months to Grade RR. I will confirm at a later date whether the nursery school is Afrikaans. Please visit www.curro.co.za or e-mail info.mtrichmore@curro.co.za for more information.